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Currently, this documentation is in the draft stage. Therefore, it may contain word correct or incorrect information.

Notus GUI is a CLI-based GUI that will appear when running the CNode application without any parameters.

Start Node

Node gets started with the settings selected.

Node Type

You can choose the layer type of the Node you will open.

Currently, there are four-layer types:

  • Layer 1 (Crypto Layer)
  • Layer 2 (File Layer)
  • Layer 3 (Memo Layer)
  • Layer 4 (Encrypted File Layer)

Change Ports

You can change the default port depending on the layers you open.

Reset Ports

From here, you can revert the ports you changed to default.

Change Wallet Key

You can define a wallet key you created or create a new one.

Generate New Key

It creates a new wallet address and defines the wallet key to the Node.

Define Your Key

From here, you can define a wallet key that you created before

Delete Your Key

Deletes defined wallet key from Node.


You can select Node's preferences here.

Debug Mode

You can debug the Node—prints error to the terminal in debug mode.

Info Mode

In info mode, it prints everything that Node does.

Run Local Mode

In local mode, opens Node via available local port via LAN.

Only Development Mode

In development mode, it opens Node in devnet.

Show My Settings

It shows the setting preferences you have made so far.